While thinking about different artists’ styles, I got curious to see what would happen if I asked a few different people to trace the same image. I wanted everyone to trace the image because I was mostly interested in the brush or pencil strokes, so I wanted the subject to be as similar as possible. I asked a few very talented artists to quickly (10 to 30 minutes) tracing this photo of Nerlens Noel.  

In the order pictured, the artists are:
1: Nerlens Noel photo
2: J.O. Applegate (Bouncex3) - 30 minutes, Manga Studio
3: Chelsey Boehnke - 4b pencil, 10 minutes
4: Dustin Watson - Adobe Illustrator, 10 minutes
5: Eli Neugeboren - Adobe Photoshop, 20 minutes
6: Me - Manga Studio 5, 20 minutes

I’m not entirely sure what (if anything) I was hoping to learn from this experiment. Regardless, I still found it interesting to see the choices we all made in highlighting or ignoring certain features. 

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